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Admission Procedure

The academic calendar at Akshar Arbol International School is from June to April. While most students join AAIS in the beginning of the academic year, admissions are rolling throughout the year, subject to availability.

  • Application fee is to be paid at the time of collection of the form.
  • All fees are payable at the time of admission as per the published schedule.
  • Tuition fee is the amount due for the entire academic year. A convenience of paying in two installments is given.
  • Annual Tuition Fee is the fee payable for the entire academic session, irrespective of whether the student completes the academic session or not. A convenience of paying the Annual Tuition Fee in two installments is provided to the parent.
  • If the students leaves Akshar Arbol International School before completion of the academic session, (or) after payment of fees, but before commencement of the academic session, there shall be no entitlement to a refund of tuition fees, or any other fee or charges or contribution made to the school or to any other account.
  • Demand Draft must be in the name of AKSHAR-ARBOL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, payable at Chennai.
  • Fees, once paid, is not refundable.

Other Details

  • School supplies will be procured directly by parents from listed vendor.
  • Uniforms will be available through school.


  • Completely filled up application forms must be submitted at school in person.
  • Overseas applicants can download the form from the website and submitted via email initially.
  • Students applying for ELC 1 to Grade 2 will be called for a face-to-face with the parents.
  • Students applying for Grade 3 to Grade 11 will be called for a written diagnostic test, followed by a face-to-face with the parents.