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AAIS has been accredited by International Baccalaureate in its Primary Years Program at the City campus. It is an accredited Cambridge International Examination centre for Grade 8 Checkpoint, IGCSE AS and A Levels. We are also an accredited school of IB Diploma Programme.

At ECR we are currently an IB Candidate School for the PYP* program

The school currently has two campuses: City (CTY) and ECR

At CTY we are spread across two spaces in T Nagar and West Mambalam. Contact details are
The Primary Place (ELC 1 – Grade 5)
10, Somasundaram Street, T.Nagar, Chennai-600017.
Phone: +91-44-28154275

The Secondary Space (Grade 6 – 12)
16, Umapathy Street, West Mambalam, Chennai-600033.
Phone: +91-44-24833275

At ECR we are located in Injambakkam. Contact details are
ECR Campus
Bethel Nagar North 9th Street, Injambakkam, Chennai-600115.

At the City campus we have been a full-fledged school since AY 2013-14.

At the ECR campus we have till Grade 8 for AY 2018-19. The IB DP will also be offered at the ECR from 2018-19. We are looking at growing organically, adding Grade 9 in AY 2019-20 and Grade 10 in AY 2020-21.

We have two semesters in an academic year:

  • June through Mid-November
  • Mid-November through April

At present we do not offer any Summer programmes. But we offer a variety of After School activities.

The school offers programmes in Theatre, World Music, Vocal and Guitar as a part of the after school programmes. Some of the programmes lead to a qualification from Trinity College.

ELC 1: 9:15AM – 12:15PM (Monday-Friday)
ELC 2: 9:15AM – 12:30 PM
ELC 3: 8:15AM – 12:40 PM
Grades 1-5: 8:10AM – 2:45 PM
Grades 6-12: 8:10AM – 3:40PM
One Saturday a month, the students of Grades 6-12 come between 8:10AM – 12:15PM

A variety of games and sports is offered for different age groups as a part of their school Physical Education Programme.

At the ECR campus, the Sports field is being developed and will be made available to the students from the AY 2018-19.

As an IB school we integrate Performing Arts – Music, Movement; Visual Arts – Arts, model making, Painting, sketching, Art & Design; Physical Education, Theatre along with academic subjects to help develop a holistic curriculum. These are built into the school time table from ELC 1 to Grade 8. From Grades 9, some of these subjects are offered as courses for study towards the Grade 10 qualification.

We believe that a School uniform projects who we are and unifies us. We also believe that it must be simple, without gender bias, comfortable and appealing across all age groups. Hence we worked along with our Senior Students and designer and merchandiser of a leading fashion brand on the colour, material, texture, cut to custom make it in their special factory.

Students wear their regular or PE uniform on specific days mentioned. In the ELC (Kindergarten) they wear uniform only 2 times a week and rest of the days they come in comfortable wear.

Schools require the students to wear Uniform as prescribed across all grades. They wear the Uniform while representing the School in any forum outside of school unless it is a formal occasion where specific dress code is prescribed.

Students ELC upto Grade 1 are exposed to different languages through music and other activities. As a formal course of study, we offer a choice between Spanish, Hindi and Tamil from Grade 2 onwards.

We believe in small class size. We restrict to a number of 20-22 in a class to ensure that the Teacher is able to give personalized attention and also allow learning to happen among the students. In some activities we may combine for class dynamics.

As you are aware the ECR is a 3+ acre campus and the construction is being undertaken in a phased manner. However the noisiest and messy part of a construction is the piling foundation and that has been completed for the entire site by November 2016. The 1st phase of the construction of about 17000 sqft has been done completely and the classes are operational within the building. However the facade work which is a cosmetic need is currently being done and is expected to finish by December 2017.

In the meantime the second building is under construction. The expected time of completion of the same is End March 2018. The interior layout etc have been finalized and will be fitted out simultaneously. We will be ready to operate for the AY 2018-19.

Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds – ethnicity, nationality, qualifications , having lived and worked in varius parts of the world. Many of our teachers are of Indian origin, we have some some teachers of foreign ethnicity. What we do look for in our teachers is international mindedness.

The various sections of the school have devices which are available for the teacher to check out and use in the class. The use of devices is kept to the bare minimum in the lower grades. However from Grade 9 onwards the School has a BYOD policy. All students are registered through the firewall to help curtail unnecessary usage of the internet.

The students of Grades 9 to 12 are in need of extensive research and reading to do. We find that their own digital platform help the students to easily work on their…

The foremost priority for every person on campus is to provide a safe and nurturing environment. Students are supervised at all times.

In this regard the buildings are secure and electrical, fire safety and sanitary standards are complied with. Each of the campuses is registered with a nearby medical centre or hospital and the nearby Police Station who are intimated in case of an emergency.

For internet security, the high school campus is protected with a firewall.
Teachers and other staff ensure safety in classrooms, science labs, outdoors, on field trips, and during school events.

We encourage students to bring their own packed snack/lunch.

The School has been using a vendor for pick-up and drop. The parent pays the Transport Vendor directly for the transport of their wards. The School undertakes the responsibility of ensuring that the Vendor meets all the compliance requirements and meets the safety standards given by the State Transport Authority.

AAIS has rolling admission policy. Students can join anytime during the year based on availability of the seats.