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What’s ‘international’ about international education – Part II

In our last piece we looked briefly at the international programmes offered at AAIS, in an attempt to determine what is ‘international’ about international education.

However, there’s more to the notion of international education than the programmes we offer. The school has a curriculum framework that includes the demands of such programmes and involves them in implementing the school’s vision of helping students become ‘sensitive human beings’* as well as ‘global citizens’*.

It is not the array of flags of different nations embellishing a school’s facade or the range of nationalities among the student body that makes students global citizens. Acquiring a mindset that is open and allows for growth leads to internationalism. Through their years at AAIS, our students gain an international perspective by

Understanding diversity

Connecting global issues

Acknowledging ethical dimensions

Strengthening communication

Building community through service

Preparing to be leaders for a challenging future**

How do students do all this in addition to their academic load, you may ask. In fact, it is through academics and related activities that students become global citizens. With a pedagogy that includes a range of approaches to teaching and learning, through collaboration at all levels and through the effective integration of technology, students are exposed to an education that is transformational in nature, allowing them to become global citizens.

What is your view of international education?


*from the AAIS vision

** from “Defining Internationalism for Education through Standards” by Kevin Bartlett and Richard Tangye (CIS)

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