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“….. We landed in the US, four weeks back…… And the kids will start school tomorrow. We had the open house and orientation last week. The classroom set-up reminded us a lot of that in AAIS. We were dumbstruck! Not by seeing the classroom over here, but by the classroom set-up that has been in done in AAIS. The effort taken in providing the best for the students learning with limited space and resources (compared to US) is really commendable. Hats off to the AAIS team.

No doubt, AAIS students are the gifted ones…… “

The Juniors Sports Day organised by AAIS at RKM grounds T Nagar was truly commendable for many reasons and some of the reasons are

  • It was an exhilarating evening with so much of fun and frolic and as a matter of fact made me reminisce the sports day memories of my alma-mater Fatima Convent.
  • The events were so well structured and timed which kept the rapt attention of the audience intact till the end.
  • The check in and check out of children especially the lower grades were way so organised and hassle free despite the venue being new.
  • The novel manner in which the newsletter was shared was so gripping and helped better grasp of the content. Special kudos here.
  • The entire show was compered in a very lively manner with a witty running commentary
  • The dances and the drills were so very well choreographed and practiced and the talents of the children were beautifully showcased.
  • Hats Off to the hard work, patience and relentless involvement of each of the dear Teachers, in ensuring the safety as well as the outstanding performance of each of their grade kids in each of the events. Big Big Big Kudos to all Teachers of the AAIS Family!!
  • Special thanks for the cooperation of the senior grade students and the support staff for making this Sports Meet a grand success.

I have been transferred to Bangalore 2 months back and I am planning to bring Paven as well. School has nurtured him so well that I never had to worry about his learning. Also, Paven loves the school so much that he refused to move until last Friday. He kept convincing me that we can’t find a better school for him. However, he wants to stay with me and we were left with no choice but to find a school for him in Bangalore. Happy to share that we enrolled him in another school and they were very excited with Paven’s understanding of subjects, for which I will have to thank Akshar Arbol. I have always stood by school’s decisions and have referred my friends to put their children here and will continue to do so.

We had to discontinue my son from AAIS from next academic year (2016-17) since my job posting is in Bangalore now. This was a tough decision for us given the fact that my son really adjusted well to the school and the school provided him a great environment to adjust and learn after returning from the United States. We have been highly recommending AAIS to all our friends and family and in fact my son’s cousin is seeking admission in AAIS for Gr 2 for next year. If we return back to Chennai, AAIS will surely be our first choice.

I cherished my visit to your school on the Earth Day. I, for one, wanted to understand the event better and also see how the children fared in the group singing. But I should say I got much more from the visit. I was extremely impressed with the children’s ability to express themselves. The healthy eco-system they are being nurtured in, was clearly obvious – the sheer length and breadth of issues touched upon, the sensitive approach, the variety of vehicles of expression. I was particularly impressed by the in house documentary and the street play.

Thanks for the opportunity for allowing us to associate with your school. Let us know how we could be supplemental to your already progressive activities.

The field trip were a good experience for the children. Making them reflect on these trips helped them recollect the learning…

The day trips are an excellent practical way to learn. They encourage children to think, respond and learn…

While academics is given lot of importance, the school should definitely be commended on other activities like social responsibility, theatre and music. Special mention should be made about the field trips that are organised. Good indeed.

All field trips are well coordinated. Kudos to AAIS for making them both fun and a good learning opportunity…

Even though the space is limited, there is ample time given to Sports than many other schools. This was seen during the well conducted Sports Day.

The school has a great environment. Feels like family. My daughter looks forward to school every morning.

Events are conducted well and the communication is good. It is a delight to watch how independently the students articulate their learning in these events. The fee payment transition was done well.

Every student gets individual attention. The AAIS team is amazing.

We are very happy that earning in AAIS happens in a fun, interesting & interactive way. The children really enjoy and learn. Their concepts are clear and foundation is strong. The newsletter sent every fortnight do give us an idea of the activities.

My daughter made this presentation out of her own interest and wanted it to be shared with you. We feel that this is all because of her being inquisitive, a quality she acquired at Akshar Arbol School. Thank you once again for nurturing this habit in her

I loved being here and sharing my poetry and experiences with the wonderful children and kind teachers of this school.

Poetry with Prakrithi

How wonderful to interact with such curious and intelligent minds at Poetry with Prakrithi event. It was a pleasure and an education. I do wish them and your enlightened and exciting school all good luck and creative times.