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Akshar Arbol
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At Akshar Arbol International School, our children are provided with an exposure to diverse Indian and international languages. Most of our students are bilingual. Language learning in the international programmes at Akshar Arbol International School is not only acquisition of the language, but also an experience of the lives of the people who speak the target language.

The students at Akshar Arbol International School begin formal study of an additional language from Grade 2. We offer a choice of two Indian languages – Tamil or Hindi.

In the primary school, we offer Spanish as a choice of study of an international language and in the middle school, we go on to offer Spanish or French. We have ensured a continuum in language learning from Primary School to High School.

Language is more than a tool to communicate. It opens windows to new ideas and strengthens thinking all through a child’s developing years. Learning another language allows one to discover and appreciate another culture, broadening minds and encouraging access to people across the world.

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”
– Ludwig Wittgenstein