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Field Trips

Field Trips

At Akshar Arbol International School, all learning is based on real-world concepts. The experience goes beyond reading about a concept; students are able to see, manipulate or participate physically to deepen their understanding of a concept.

Field trips are identified based on curriculum needs at each grade level. Students are taken on field trips to provide them with opportunities to make connections to their classroom learning and to question and explore further. Our teachers use this opportunity to help children demonstrate their transdisciplinary understanding. After each field trip, students reflect on their learning and make connections to concepts in the various subjects they study at school.

In Primary school, to encourage young children’s inquiry through observation, experimentation, questioning and reiteration, one-day field trips are organized to places relevant to their learning. These could include visits to local community centres, such as banks, post office, museums parks, and theatres.. Parents are also encouraged to participate in field trips as volunteers.

For students in Secondary School, field trips are an opportunity to experience and demonstrate the inter-connectedness of their learning at school. These may be one-day or overnight trips and are an essential component of the curriculum at Akshar Arbol International School. Students are engaged in visits that provide various outdoor learning opportunities such as rips to Science Centres and National Parks around the country. Often, field trips are also an opportunity for our students in the CIE and IB DP Programme to engage in Creativity, Action, Service (CAS).

Hands-on experiences add a significant dimension to student learning across all disciplines. A wonderful field-trip surely breaks the routine of the school and offers a refreshing new perspective.

“Field trips including those that are virtual enable teachers to create as many authentic, experiential experiences as possible. These spatial memories are embedded in the brain and need no rehearsal.”
– Fogarty