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Akshar Arbol
Akshar Arbol

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Students at Akshar Arbol International School learn in a variety of ways that allows them to understand concepts, while focusing on development of their skills and providing them with opportunities to demonstrate positive learning attitudes. Through the use of a variety of resources that include books, magazines, online sources, field visits, guest speakers, students learn in multiple ways. Using Inquiry-based learning as the pedagogy, students are nurtured to become curious and independent, developing a life-long love for learning.


Several studies indicate that art education sharpens…

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Field Trips

At Akshar Arbol International School, all learning is based…

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Language is more than a tool to communicate. It opens…

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Physical Education

The health benefits of physical activities facilitated…

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At Akshar Arbol International School we believe in…

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Students of our Primary School attended a workshop by renowned children’s author and illustrator, Mr. Ashok Rajagopalan, on understanding how to illustrate for stories.

Our Grade 3 students spent an hour one morning understanding the beliefs and traditions of their family, from their parents. This was part of their inquiry into the diversity in families around the world.