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How do you know if International schools are right for your children?

In India IB curriculum schools and Cambridge curriculum schools exist as International schools alongside the other board schools. After you have convinced yourself that your children should undergo their schooling in an international school, you sometimes wanted to know if it was a right choice directly from your children. Here are few points you can probably observe in your children, evaluate your conviction and be confident as ever.

The relation your children have with their teacher

The biggest differentiator any International school would offer is the way a teacher approaches the child. In the early primary years, the child is molded as an inquirer. The very curriculum is designed to bring that inquirer inside the child. For a child to be a great inquirer, the interaction of teacher with children has to be at a level that is way different. So by default, the relation between the child and the teacher is more on a personal and approachable level.

The teachings are aligned to the environment in which the students are brought up with a fair share of fun while learning. All this is not possible without a great teacher-child relationship.

Children enjoying the learning atmosphere and learning

The learning atmosphere has to be a conducive space where the children feel welcome. That feeling of being welcome gives joy and the learning process is made a lot easier. The availability of such facilities like library, computer stations with monitored internet access, auditoriums, etc., and the provision of recess for a minimum of 15 minutes a day ensures happy learning.

A great learning atmosphere ensures great learning. In International schools, such assignments like Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and CAS (Creativity, Action & Service) make learning an interesting process.

The way your child speaks about an issue.

In International schools that follow IB curriculum, your child is asked to submit a lengthy essay on a subject. This essay is supposed to be written with the learning acquired through various sources. Your child has been exposed to a healthy environment of how to approach a subject in an international school. Hence you could observe that their understanding and analysis of an issue is a lot deeper.

Most IB schools are asked to pick up a topic for the academic year and work around it. For example at Akshar Arbol International School, this academic year’s topic was “Change”. Students interpreted change in their own understanding and in that process they developed both broader and deeper understanding of the subject.

Communication is another key differentiator

Your child’s mastery of the language of instruction is another key differentiator. Everything boils down to how the teacher communicates with the children and in turn how they communicate back. Factors like presentation skills, and participation play an important role in how the children effectively communicate. This is an absolutely important acquired skill you can notice in your children studying in International schools as they grow.

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