Middle Years

Students entering the middle years (Grade 6 to 10) of their schooling at AAIS, are encouraged to discover their own potential, through the Cambridge Internaitonal Programmes. The Middle Years is marked by a period of strong emphasis on the development of the core skills in the various subject areas. Emphasis is laid on the inquiry-approach to learning. Higher-order thinking and independent learning are promoted through the teaching-learning practices.

At AAIS, the Middle Years programme is structured to suit the needs of every individual learner.

At AAIS, the progression from primary school to Cambridge Secondary 1 is seamless. The focus at this stage is to develop learners’ skills and confidence in English, Mathematics and Science. Humanities, Arts and Languages are integrated into the programme to make is a well-balanced curriculum for our students.

The foundations of Cambridge Secondary 1 supports learner-centered and concept-based approaches to learning.

Cambridge checkpoint tests in English, Math and Science are taken at the end of the Secondary 1 (Grade 8). These tests are diagnostic in nature, providing extensive qualitative and quantitative feedback to learners on their preparedness to move into the IGCSE programme.

IGCSE is a world- wide recognized and popular programme that has the best blend and balance of skills and content development for every student. It is a comprehensive two year programme for student grades 9 and 10. The programme at AAIS is made challenging through a good balance between the practical experience, coupled with theoretical learning . The IGCSE programme is tailored to build confidence and responsibility in learners. This equips learners to face the world of tomorrow.

At AAIS, a a wide range of subjects are offered at IGCSE level, to develop student knowledge, understanding and skills.

In the IGCSE programme:

  • A minimum of 5 subjects must be taken by every student.
  • Students need to opt for 7 subjects to qualify for the ICE certificate.
  • A maximum of 8 subjects can be taken by a student.

Subject Choices at AAIS

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5
English as first language Economics Biology Mathematics Art and Design
English as second language Global Perspectives Chemistry Design and Technology
Spanish Environmental Management Physics Information communication and technology[ICT]
Hindi India Studies Environmental Management Business studies
Tamil Developmental studies Accounting
Japanese Drama