At Akshar Arbol (AAIS) we are a growing group of teachers, who like our counterparts around the world, keep busy each day facilitating students, planning, grading, communicating with parents, completing reports and building learning resources. Each week though we find time to meet in small groups or as one large group to discuss pedagogical issues, take turns to direct sessions on learning and continue to grow our understanding of what it takes to be an excellent teacher. While learning happens at these weekly sessions, interactions in hallways, over lunch, at team meetings, in the computer lab exploring new software and even on field trips reinforce what we have learned. We are teachers at AAIS - a vibrant, curious, growing professional learning community!

School Leadership Team

School leadership involves a range of competencies. At AAIS our School Leadership Team (SLT) includes members representing all sections of a K-12 school, including the Early Learning Centre (ELC), Primary, Middle and High School. With strengths that range from the ability to grasp and articulate the ‘big picture’ to a passion for detail, from networking skills, to an excellent understanding of international curriculums, members of the SLT work together to make AAIS the educational space where students can become lifelong learners.

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