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April 25th 2018

The interior work is going on full swing – the admin interior will be ready by 2nd week of May. Windows and grill in admin area have been fixed. Final painting work in progress.

April 17th 2018

External Work in progress: Ground, terrace, corridor work

April 16th 2018

Earth Day 2018 at Injambakkam was extra special this year. As we closed the 1st academic year of operating in this campus, we closed the year with tree planting ceremony by the School community – students, staff & parents.

A green campus with local varieties of trees.

April 15th 2018

View of CSEB Block work from inside classroom.

Alowing air and light to pass through into classroom.

External view of CSEB Block work finishing from approach road.

We are almost there! Matching the reference images and the actual site finish

April 10th 2018

Toilets are very important to be designed properly, especially in a school. It must be spacious, airy, well ventilated, anti-skid, allow privacy and ore so aesthetic. That is the reason why a certain type of granite was chosen for the flooring. The wall tiles chosen are also white and black to remain neutral and aesthetic.

The bathroom plumbing lines have been done externally to ensure that leaks are immediately noticed and arrested, thus Saving Water.

April 7th 2018

Target is April end for all civil work. This is what the schedule said in early November when the work commenced for Phase 2. This meant a round-the-clock schedule at the site. If not for the commitment of the entire team, this would probably not be a reality.

Here are some pictures from late in the night & early morning work. The only mantra seems to be “commitment” amongst these workers.

What a wonderful lesson and topic for our assembly discussion.

March 30th 2018

What are some of the attributes we need to be successful in our work places? This is a question we ask different people, deliberate on in our School Leadership meeting, Staff meetings etc.

The answer…..: (see below picture)

This is a growing list.

In watching the work progressing at the construction of Phase 2, we recognise it is not just one team but different teams that work together. Immence planning of daily schedule, anticipation of raw material requirement and labour.

These are skills we introduce, ensure practice and eventually mastered. These are the lifeskills. Most of the morning assemblies across grades are now discussing about what the studnets have been observing.

This experience of watching the Phase 2 being built from the windows on their existing building has given our students a real-life learning opportunity.

March 23rd 2018

The post on February 15th showed some concrete stumps. Those are now developed into the below picture. Can you guess what this is?

Here is an ariel view of the same development…

March 15th 2018

The Mock up clasroom:

It is different when we see the drawings on paper and the architect explains the layout etc and when we actually see the built up space. The mock up room was made u ready to give all of us a sense of what we could expect soon. The higher secondary school classrooms are designed as Subject rooms. The doors allow light and visibility at all times. It has been designed to ensure that it is lockable only from outside with a key. The fans are anti-dust closely matching the exposed concrete finish in the ceiling. All middle and high school students will be provided with personal lockers in the common areas to ensure that they do not have to lug heavy books etc. every day. The niche provided along the corridors will be fitted with the lockers that are being specially made. Some other interesting features will be shared only when we move in to the building in June 2018.

The terrace is also getting finished.

March 2nd 2018

The plastering of interior walls has been 60% completed as of date. Classrooms have begun to take shape as the putty and painting work has started too.

Wooden door frames have been fixed for most classrooms. Shutters will be fixed at the end.

On the exterior, the CSEB work has already begun on the West side with the pointing(finishing) work done along with the laying.

February 25th 2018

The last few days have seen a lot of progress in the construction. The internal walls have started to be built. The specific room requirements especially for Exam room, Lab in terms of electrical and plumbing layouts have been marked.

February 21th 2018

Students had interesting questions to ask as they engaged in conversations with our architect Mr Sriram. Here are some anecdotes too.

Discussion and interaction with Mr Sriram, Architect of the School.

February 20th 2018

Inquiry is ingrained in every member of AAIS. We as a community love to ask questions, seek answers, discuss possibilities, listen to perspectives, make conclusions. Watching our school grow brick-by-brick has been exciting and a great experience to learn from. It is no surprise that our PYP Exhibition was on “Buildings and Architecture” – a truly real world learning experience.

Very often we go to the 2nd floor to see the work progressing. It is exciting to hear the conversations amongst our students. A real life experience for our students as they watch their school being built.

Our parents were excited to see the model too during the PYP Exhibition.

They are eager to see through the 2nd floor window too now!

February 15th 2018

The final roof was cast on Feb 19th, 10 days ahead of schedule. The shell with the internal walls, plastering, flooring, joinery is expected to be delivered by March 31st, 2018. This gives the school enough time to start the interior fittings and get the school ready for reopening in June.

Another interesting feature – A unique and exciting feature that will serve as a landscaped area, learning space, walkway for every student.

We have had the architect explain this many times and have seen it as a drawing on paper too.

But till they brought a model to show us at school we did not realise this beautiful feature. and now we can’t wait for this to unfold.

Any guesses on what this could be….?

January 2018

The construction has been steadily progressing. The 1st and 2nd roof slab was cast before the Pongal break and immediately after. The external and internal walls have been marked and work will commence shortly.

The School Leadership team has been part of many discussions on the classroom layout, interior fittings, and lab requirements as prescribed by Cambridge and IB. Having these meaningful conversations has allowed the architect to translate the ideas of the teaching team into a learning space.

The Phase 2 structure has a double height area that would serve for whole school assemblies. This is to capitalise on the lovely sea breeze that Chennai is blessed with throughout the year.
It was remarkable for our students of Grade 4 & 5 at ECR to watch this structure being constructed.

Their theme of their PYP Exhibition is “Buildings and Architecture”. Walking through the site gave them a deeper understanding of responsible architecture.

December 2017

With the pile foundation having been completed in the summer of 2017, the contractors were able to quickly pull up the columns and beams and start the full-fledged construction for Phase 2.

We have adopted an environmentally friendly architecture that would naturally suit the Chennai climatic conditions by reducing the temperature of the rooms inside.

This additional layer of CSEB (Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks), commonly misunderstood as kiln-burnt bricks, is actually made from natural red soil and other binding agents, by Auroville trained artisans.

Our architects KSM Architects have designed the layering in a specific pattern to capture the natural breeze and light that is available in abundance in our area. This way we will have a lot of natural breeze and light flowing in.

Currently the layering work is going on in the Phase 1 building. This intricate, labour intensive work will be completed by February.

Here is what one of our parents had to say about this Earth block brick work:

“It is wonderful to see a school walking the talk – being environmentally conscious. These are no ordinary bricks but specially made Earth blocks – made of 90% natural earth and it will cool the building. The work is laborious but it is good to see that children will benefit eventually. Looking at their school being built is a wonderful way of learning too”.

November 2017

The 2nd phase of construction at our ECR campus started with the Bhoomi Pooja on November 2nd 2017.

This second phase alone will have a total built up space of about 25,000 square feet and will cater to the middle and high school grades.

The Ground + 2 floors will have the permanent office and administrative areas, Inclusive Learning Centre, infirmary, library, laboratory, art space and multi-purpose halls.

CITY Campus - The Primary Place - T. Nagar




CITY Campus - The Secondary Space - W. Mambalam




ECR Campus*

*AAIS – ECR is a candidate school* for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme  and pursuing authorization as an IB World School. IB World Schools share a common philosophy—a commitment to improve the teaching and learning of a diverse and inclusive community of students by delivering challenging, high quality programmes of international education that share a powerful vision.