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Middle School

Middle Years – CIE programmes

Students entering the middle years (Grades 6 to 10) at Akshar Arbol International School are encouraged to discover their own potential, through the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) programmes. In these grades, the emphasis is on the development of the core skills in the various subject areas through inquiry-based approaches to learning. Higher-order thinking skills and independent learning are promoted.

As students progress from primary school to the Middle Years, the curriculum offered by the Cambridge Secondary 1 programme provides the basis for teaching and learning in Grades 6 – 8. The focus at this stage is to develop learners’ skills and understanding in English, Mathematics the Sciences, the Humanities, and Languages. This is complemented by regular input in the performing and visual arts, music, and physical education, resulting in a well-balanced curriculum for our students.

The foundations of Cambridge Secondary support learner-centred and concept-based approaches to learning.

Cambridge checkpoint tests in English, Math, and Science are taken at the end of the Secondary 1 (Grade 8). These tests are diagnostic in nature, providing extensive qualitative and quantitative feedback to learners on their preparedness to move into the IGCSE programme.

The Cambridge Advantage | International Benchmark

The Cambridge programmes’ IGCSE syllabus incorporates internationally benchmarked, standardised tests which are marked by CIE to provide an international benchmark of student achievement; enabling teachers to advise learners and parents of the suitability of different progression routes.

To provide balanced study across a wide range of subjects, at AAIS, students continue to address the Sciences, the Humanities, Mathematics, and the Languages. Skills acquired over the primary and middle years are honed through practice across disciplines even as students gain an understanding of the growing complexity of their subjects. The focus is on consolidating the conceptual understanding, applying this understanding and recognizing inter-cultural connections across disciplines. A learner-centred environment encourages students to become independent learners. To balance academic rigor, students continue to experience physical education, theatre, and the arts.

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