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At Akshar Arbol (AAIS) we are a growing group of teachers, who like our counterparts around the world, keep busy each day facilitating students, planning, grading, communicating with parents, completing reports and building learning resources. Each week though we find time to meet in small groups or as one large group to discuss pedagogical issues, take turns to direct sessions on learning and continue to grow our understanding of what it takes to be an excellent teacher. While learning happens at these weekly sessions, interactions in hallways, over lunch, at team meetings, in the computer lab exploring new software and even on field trips reinforce what we have learned. We are teachers at AAIS – a vibrant, curious, growing professional learning community!

School Leadership Team

School leadership involves a range of competencies. At AAIS our School Leadership Team (SLT) includes members representing all sections of a K-12 school, including the Early Learning Centre (ELC), Primary, Middle and High School. With strengths that range from the ability to grasp and articulate the ‘big picture’ to a passion for detail, from networking skills, to an excellent understanding of international curriculums, members of the SLT work together to make AAIS the educational space where students can become lifelong learners.

Padmini Sankaran - Head of School

With over 25 years’ experience in the field of education, Padmini Sankaran has taught in India, Belgium and Venezuela. She has worked with International Baccalaureate schools in the IB Americas and IB Asia-Pacific. Currently she is an IB Educator who leads workshops for IB professionals across the Asia-Pacific region. With a Masters in English Literature and an M Phil in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics, Padmini is a teacher trainer with several workshop sessions for teaching professionals in South America and India to her credit. She is certified to be a Principal by the Principal’s Training Centre based in the USA. Over 15 years with the International Baccalaureate Diploma program has given her in-depth understanding of international programmes and their delivery across continents. Padmini enjoys exploring the use of technology in education.

Priya S Dixit

A multi-faceted person with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Masters in Business Administration, Priya is the Coordinator – Culture, Community, Communication at AAIS. She possesses a varied skill-set and has worked in various roles in the Finance and Marketing functions at leading corporates in the past, prior to her teaching career. At AAIS, Priya has taught in the Primary Years Programme and handled Business Management and Theory of Knowledge in the Diploma Programme.

She also is an Advanced Diploma holder in Hindi and has completed the basic Spanish course. Besides, Priya is an accomplished senior Bharatanatyam artiste, and has received prestigious titles for proficiency in the art-form from several art organizations. Priya, now works specifically at building networks and partnerships to help develop the AAIS community.

Akila Srinivas - DP Coordinator

Akila Srinivas has over the years built her experience in the field of education, having taught various curriculums including CBSE, ICSE, Cambridge Secondary 1, IGCSE and IBDP. Having a Masters and a M. Phil in Environmental Sciences has enabled her to teach a variety of subjects such as Biology, Environmental Management and Global Perspectives at the middle school and high school level. She has strengthened her administrative abilities by qualifying with a diploma in ‘Education Leadership’ from CEMD-SOL, conducted by the Jacob Kuruvilla Organisation. With an abiding interest in working with children to facilitate their learning, Akila focuses on building a wide variety of pedagogies to suit the varying needs of her learners. She herself continues to learn through collaboration with educators across the globe.

Prabha Dixit - PYP Coordinator

An erstwhile IT Consultant, Prabha leads the Primary school at AAIS. She works extensively with the teachers on pedagogical practices, using the IB framework. She holds a Masters degree in Business Systems from Monash University, Australia and a Diploma in Network Centred Computing. She also holds a Diploma in Spanish from the Government of Mexico and has taught English and Spanish to several professionals and expatriates in Mexico and India. Prabha enjoys dabbling with technology and explores ways to integrate technology with education. Prabha is also an accomplished Indian Classical dancer, having performed both in India and overseas. She enjoys travelling, because she believes that it is a gateway to meet new people and explore new places and ways of living.

Latha Muthukrishnan - PYP Coordinator

Latha leads the PYP – Team at AAIS, ECR. She holds a Master’s degree in English, besides a diploma in Kindergarten and the Montessori method. She is also an X-Seed trained teacher. With a good track record of experience in many associated areas of education like choir organization and running a scrabble club, she is best described as a highly motivated teacher, who displays a passion for her craft. Latha brings forth her experience from several philosophies of early childhood education to create a unique programme at AAIS.

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